May 30, 2024

Some Key Factors To Determine The Quality Of quartz stone slab

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quartz stone slab

While building a house, one pays attention to every minute detail as it requires lots of time, effort and money. Focus is laid on every little thing just to make sure everything is going as per your choice and necessity. Apart from appearance, attention is also given to quality. Compromising in terms of quality is never acceptable as it will not go in the long run. So focusing on quality should always be on priority and is worth every penny spent by you. Investing in poor quality will bring a huge hole in your pocket every other day.

The kitchen is one of the important elements of the house. The kitchen should be designed in such a way which gives you convenience and looks good at the same time. Countertops should be given utmost importance as they grab all the attention. While selecting the countertop, it is important to focus on the color, thickness, edge profile, texture and much more. When it comes to countertops, there are many options like granite slab, marble slab, quartz slab and much more. Quartz is considered one of the best materials for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, sinks, basins etc. These look very appealing and are durable enough. In comparison with other options, they are harder, crack and scratch resistant and non-porous. It is easy to maintain and you can clean it with water and cloth. In terms of variety, it comes in plenty of options making it easy for you to select one as per your interior and aesthetics. Also, it is stain resistant as any curry or wine spill on the quartz countertop will not leave any kind of stain.

Following are some of the key factors which will help in determining the quality of quartz stone slab:

  • Color consistency- A good quality quartz slab will have the same color consistency not only from one slab to another but will have it within the slab. While looking for one, pay attention to the color consistency of the quartz slab to know whether the color shade is the overall same or not. Also, look for the other slabs in the same color as a little difference will look huge when placed together on the kitchen countertop as a slab. It is important to have stability in the base color. Though it is fine to have a bit different texture in different slabs the color base should be the same. The high-end quartz manufacturers will pay attention to the pigments used by them to ensure the same colors overall on the slab. To avoid these issues, make sure to hold different samples side by side. You can also ask for the full-size slab in person to know better.
  • Color beyond the counter surface- Know that a good countertop will have color beyond the counter surface. The pattern or the design will not only be on the top but will be at the end as well. The design will go through the countertop i.e. from the top till the end. To know this, always check the side of the slab. So if the color starts to fade at the edge, make sure not to choose it.
  • Consistent aggregates- The pebbles or stones on the countertops are called aggregates. These can be tiny, small or big depending on the design. It is important that the body aggregate is consistent which makes it of good quality. No matter what the size is of the aggregates, they should be consistent from the top of the slab to the bottom of the slab. Know that if the aggregate is not consistent, it will cause high fragility. Also, it looks very unpleasant to the eyes. So make sure to look at the aggregates whether they are going to the bottom or not.
  • Resin quality- It is one of the important key factors when looking for a quartz stone slab. The resin helps in holding the countertop better and together. The poor-quality resin will not be able to hold the slab together and will fall. Though it is hard to recognize the good and the bad quality resin, so make sure to contact the best quartz manufacturer who has a good name and good years of experience in the market.
  • Consistent shine and polish- The best quality quartz will have a consistent level of shine on the countertop. The smooth leveled shine will reflect that the quartz slab is of good quality and it will stay intact at least for a decade. Poor-quality quartz will have a patchy shine as the manufacturers will use cheap resins and polish it out. The manufacturers will check the quartz slab with a gloss meter before sending it out to their customers.
  • Warranty- The right manufacturers will always give you a warranty when you buy quartz countertops. The manufacturer standing behind any issues faced by you will help you to assure that you are making the right choice for yourself. To know more about the terms and conditions of the warranty, make sure to talk with them directly or visit their website. This will help in bringing some clarity and transparency.

So above are some of the points reflecting the key factors to consider while looking for a quartz slab. Know that quartz is the best option in comparison to others like granite, and marble. In terms of durability, size, textures, designs etc, quartz is the best option. If you are looking for the best quality quartz, you should contact Quantra Quartz. They have good expertise in this field and comply with all the industrial standards. To know more about them, make sure to check their website to know about their work. Look out for their previous projects to know about their quality products. Check the reviews online and contact previous clients to know about them. This will help in getting some clarity and will help to make your decisions. Also, know that they are in good contact with the builder, lifestyle kitchen manufacturers, interior designers etc.

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