June 14, 2024

12.Industrial bedroom: the choice of coverings.?

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The offer in terms of wall and floor coverings is very vast, and the error of choice is therefore quickly arrived. To avoid making a mistake, discover the different possible possibilities for a total industrial look in your bedroom.

What floor coverings for an industrial design bedroom?

Concrete, wood, vinyl, tile… There is no shortage of flooring options that will bring the desired industrial touch to your room. Polished concrete floor

A concrete floor

Concrete is the coating par excellence to obtain an industrial design in a room. This raw material with a perfectly smooth appearance brings a touch that is not only modern but also refined to the room. Without any joints, this coating is also very easy to maintain and demonstrates excellent durability over time. For its application, in order to avoid the appearance of cracks, it is advisable to call a professional. Indeed, its laying technique requires flawless preparation of the ground and very specific expertise.

Raw parquet and industrial style

A wooden floor

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Parquet adapts to all types of decorations including industrial design. An alternative to concrete, wood offers a warmer look to your New York loft effect decor. However, to stay true to the atmosphere, it is best to bet on an aged wooden floor – a planed effect parquet floor for example, with a nice width of blade. We will favor a simple straight installation and a finish preferably oiled or waxed, in order to obtain an authentic rendering that sticks to the workshop spirit.

Installed using three techniques (nailed, glued or floating), the installation of your parquet must be entrusted to the hands of a specialist for a result that meets your expectations.

What wall coverings for an industrial design bedroom?

Also on the wall side, don’t hesitate to choose character coverings to give your bedroom an industrial look.

The brick of the New York loft

A brick wall

When we think of an industrial decoration, whether it is the living room, the kitchen or even the bedroom, it is the brick wall of the New York loft that immediately comes to mind. In addition to the industrial charm, its red colors give a warm atmosphere to the room. Generally, a single section of brick wall is enough to create the desired atmosphere.

Depending on whether it is a masonry brick wall, in the case of creating a partition for example, or decorative facing bricks, the installation will not be carried out in the same way. In both cases, calling in a professional is highly recommended.

Metal gives an industrial touch to any interior

A metal wall

Steel and metal are the king materials for industrial decoration. Air ducts and metal pipes should also be highlighted if you have them in your room. If the solution of opting for a section of wall with a metal coating is a bold idea, its result is often very successful! Different possibilities exist but you can for example have metal tiles on the wall or steel plates according to your desires. Multiple shades exist in terms of colors and you can either bet on a rust hue or choose a shade of gray.

In view of the singularity of this type of coating, it will be advisable to call on a professional specialized in this type of material in order to obtain a harmonious rendering.

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