June 14, 2024

10 key facts for choosing your windows.?

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The steps for installing a PVC window

Two guided installation methods for your window: new installation, during the construction of an opening, or the  installation of PVC windows  during renovation. In this case, it will be necessary to provide for the removal of the old equipment, often in single glazing, then the assembly of the new double glazing joinery. Watch the process in video.

State aid to renovate your windows

The energy transition tax credit (CITE) gives way to a window renovation bonus  called MaPrimeRénov’. For your single-glazed window replacement work, it is thus possible to obtain up to €100 per piece of equipment.

PVC window prices

Do you want to equip your home with new carpentry? The choice of material will depend on several criteria, including your budget. To properly estimate it, consult the different  PVC window prices , varying according to the size and the number of leaves. The type of windows can also influence the price: we recommend that you opt for a double-glazed window for better insulation.

Why switch to double glazing?

Glazing with insulation par excellence, double glazing will enhance the thermal and sound performance of your windows. There are different types of reinforced glazing, your choice will be made according to your needs. If you want to enhance the security of your home, for example, you can opt for burglar-resistant glass.

Compare multiple window quotes

Are you looking for a professional to install your joinery? Have several window quotes made to compare artisans and choose the best offer. Online window quote requests are fast, simple and free. Consult all the selection and price criteria to estimate the budget for your work.

Renovate your windows

Are you planning to change your old joinery? Are you starting insulation work in your home? The installation in window renovation imposes several constraints. To do well, inspect the state of the current carpentry to assess the parts to be changed. Then choose a material and glazing with good energy performance for your windows.

What are the advantages of changing your joinery?

The first reason that pushes homeowners to replace windows is to better insulate their home. Changing windows  is an asset in terms of thermal comfort, but also energy savings. Undertaking work on its openings will also offer you the possibility of gaining in brightness and modernity.

Why choose a PVC window?

With good insulation performance, PVC joinery also requires no maintenance. The PVC window enjoys a good quality-price ratio among the range of windows on the market. This material is modular and adapts to all your desires, size, shape and color.

The characteristics of the aluminum window

Aluminum windows offer you a lot of light thanks to the thinness of its edges. Thus, even by multiplying the leaves, the aluminum window remains aesthetic with a beautiful glazed surface. Less efficient than wood orPVC, it is advisable to complete its aluminum window with reinforced insulation glazing.

How much does aluminum joinery cost?

More expensive than PVC and wood, the aluminum window is still an interesting option, to be preferred on large surfaces such as bay windows. The price of an aluminum window varies depending on whether it is a double-glazed window, whether the opening is sliding or simply the size of the opening. You will certainly be able to benefit from aid and tax credit for its installation.

Custom windows without breaking the bank

Do you want to create an opening with an original shape? Do you need to equip a room with an oversized window? For a custom window at an affordable price, opt for PVC. This material offers you a range at a low price, and adapts to all joinery.

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