February 20, 2024

Interior design trends 2023

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Interior design

It’s difficult to make predictions about interior design trends, especially when a single viral video on TikTok could completely shift the notion within a really short period of time. However, property experts from the quick house sale company We Buy Any House, have gathered their best predictions about what the biggest trends would be and which of the old ones are going to continue to reign in the new year.

1. Sustainability Focus

The focus on keeping our environment clean and safe has gone to almost all sectors and has certainly not passed through interior design. There’s been a noticeable shift into green features and people recognizing the need for more meaningful items within their homes. One way of doing that is through reclaimed and vintage items and bringing life to old furniture pieces. Instead of paying for overpriced items you could revamp an old piece of furniture and make it fit nicely into your modern home. Not to mention that this will give the space a nice, rustic look as well.

2. Textures Comeback

The comeback of textures is a much-anticipated trend which many designers are predicting will finally happen this year. The lime wash and plaster have slowly made their way back to people’s home in the previous year which has made interior experts predict a full comeback sometime in 2023.

3. Natural Materials Reign

The raw, natural materials trend which was set during the difficult times during the pandemic has not only stayed all these years, but it has completely dominated the whole industry. During a time when everyone was craving a bit of the outdoors and that connectivity to nature, a powerful trend has been created which influences the majority of homes these days. Incorporating natural materials into our home designs has become so easy with wood, rattan, wicker, bamboo and cork all being incredibly famous amongst both decorative items and all types of furniture alike.

4. Cork Flooring

It may sound weird but using cork in flooring and designs is starting to become famous amongst sustainable homeowners. What they are currently looking for is good quality, insulation, style and eco friendliness, which is all that cork provides. Those are the reasons why it is becoming more and more mainstream by the day. The percentage of people who are looking for sustainable homes and eco-friendly alternatives for them is becoming higher than those that are not environmentally conscious. Therefore, with demand comes supply and interior designers have really pulled it out of the bag with the cork trend. Watch out and get comfortable with it as this is going to be a big one in the new year!

5. Statement Lightning

Lighting is key in any house, but few people look after their own lightning fixtures. Experts suggest that statement lamps will dominate people’s homes in 2023 with seeing a lot more saturated colours as well as glossy and matte finishes. The more people start decorating and designing a place, the more they realise the importance of ambient lighting and the role it plays in creating a pleasant environment at home.

There’s no way of knowing which designs will dominate the market and trends can be as easily ended as they have begun. All it requires is one viral video these days and something which experts have been predicting can completely go the opposite way with the social space we have nowadays. However, these have shown results month after month and are likely to stick around for the remainder of 2023.

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