June 14, 2024

A 4 Step Process to Choosing the Right Plywood for Your Home

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Plywood for Your Home

When it comes to constructing lasting woodwork, whether it’s furniture, wall paneling, or modular kitchens, plywood is the most popular choice. Buying the best quality plywood consumes a lot of effort and work. There are several parts to the process: studying and selecting the proper plywood, and its grade, locating the right supplier, negotiating the best price, and inspecting the material to ensure it meets the standards. This problem is exacerbated in India, where over 80% of plywood sold is from the unorganized sector, which has weak quality standards.

Steps for selecting a good quality plywood 

  • Where to use the plywood?

Plywood is available in a variety of grades and variants. Each of these variants and grades is intended for a certain application. Let’s say you require plywood to construct furniture or to finish the interior of space with a lot of moisture, such as a patio or kitchen. Boiling Water Proof Grade (also known as Marine Grade / PF Grade) Plywood is ideal for such applications.

Fire Retardant Plywood is indeed the best quality plywood choice for fire-prone regions. If you live in a dry climate with low moisture levels throughout the year, a premium quality Moisture Resistant (MR) grade plywood is a good option.

  • Buying the plywood from a reliable and trusted brand

As previously stated, approximately 80% of the sector is unorganized, and quality standards are frequently not reached. This isn’t to say that all of the things produced by this sector are of bad quality. There are many dedicated manufacturers who produce high-quality goods yet operate in the unorganized sector for their own reasons. But how can you know what is best for you as a consumer? Choose a reputable branded plywood if you want peace and a long-term answer.

  • Make sure to buy plywood from an authorised dealer

Buying from an Authorized Distributor, Dealer, or Retailer of the company you want to buy is one of the greatest things you can do. When compared to other stores, this will guarantee that you always get better rates. You can also rest confident that the stuff you receive is genuine. The approved channel member will ensure that you are well-informed on the product’s features, warranties, and customer service.

Checking the plywood price and purchasing it from certified suppliers is usually a good idea. Do not rely solely on the CML number printed on the piece of plywood, as these numbers are frequently abused by the unorganized sector. Request a copy of the manufacturer’s real certificate. This will guarantee that you are purchasing the correct plywood.

  • Check the outside material

It is advised that you inspect the plywood you chose from the exterior. There are a few things to keep in mind. Whether or not the plywood has a natural or recon face coating. The natural face coating is ideal for pasting various ornamental materials on the ply and has a greater quality. Examine the surface for smoothness.

There should be no bumps or highs and lows. Inspect the plywood thickness in all four corners. This will guarantee that the thickness variation is kept to a minimum, which is ideal for stable furniture. The plywood’s core layers should be seen from the side. Check that the core bars are straight and that there are no gaps or overlaps.


Building furniture, as well as cabinets, is a time and financial investment. So select attentively when purchasing plywood for these projects. Your decisions will have a significant impact on the construction process and outcome. We’ll assist you in determining exactly what you require and avoiding common plywood errors. We are all aware that the building of your dream home necessitates a wide range of construction supplies such as brickwork, sand, cement, timber, plywood, fiberboard, steel, and various colors, among others. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort and time to buy and pick the correct supplies. One of the brands you can blindly rely on for high quality authentic plywood is CenturyPly. You can buy from their authorised dealers or their Eshop online.

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